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To redeem your Prince Preferred points for airline frequent flyer miles, click on the highlighted points below.

American Airlines
  Prince Preferred Points Award Code
American Airlines 2,000 AAdvantage Miles 1000 AA2M
American Airlines 4,000 AAdvantage Miles 2000 AA4M
American Airlines 6,000 AAdvantage Miles 3000 AA6M
American Airlines 8,000 AAdvantage Miles 4000 AA8M
American Airlines 10,000 AAdvantage Miles 5000 AA10M

United Airlines
  Prince Preferred Points Award Code
United Airlines 2,000 Mileage Plus 1000 UA2M
United Airlines 4,000 Mileage Plus 2000 UA4M
United Airlines 6,000 Mileage Plus 3000 UA6M
United Airlines 8,000 Mileage Plus 4000 UA8M
United Airlines 10,000 Mileage Plus 5000 UA10M

A minimum of 1,000 Prince Preferred points required for conversion. Once the airline mile transaction is completed, the transfer of miles are final and cannot be reversed. Allow six to eight weeks for miles to appear on your frequent flyer account. Frequent flyer miles cannot be redeemed for Prince Preferred points. Maximum of 20,000 frequent flyer mile conversion allowed per year per account.